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We provide lovers of the sea and of great open spaces with GENUINELY ECO-RESPONSIBLE yachts to explore our planet, in ultimate comfort and understated elegance.

To attain the highest sustainability standard, we RADICALLY change the design approach by incorporating eco-responsibility from the very inception to the very end of a yacht’s life.

Using CUTTING-EDGE yet already proven and RELIABLE technologies, we design fast and elegant Super Yachts which are truly eco-friendly.

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Jérôme Vollet

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Nicolas Cantenot


Since our childhood, we have a common passion for the sea and for fast and beautiful boats.

Owner of a classic 50-footer wooden sailing boat, NICOLAS CANTENOT is a former Navy Officer, he has spent his entire career working with the best artisans in the world, mostly at Dior and Hermès. He was notably part of the team that created and successfully developed Hermès Maison, the home and decoration division of the Hermès group.

JERÔME VOLLET is one of the pioneers of the French excellence in offshore racing. A composite engineer by training, he designed and built his own 40’ sailing boat when he was only 18! Since then, he has always been at the forefront of creation and performance. He has collaborated with the greatest French and international sailors, in particular with Éric Tabarly, Steve Fossett, Bruno and Loïc Peyron and many others.

TOGETHER we create the stunningly beautiful Merveille Eco-explorers.



Eco-responsibility is a very DEMANDING mindset that

requires a great sense of innovation, experience, rigour and the ability to challenge every aspect of a yacht’s impact on the environment.

At Merveille Yachting, every DETAIL is meticulously worked out to minimize the impact on our seas and oceans. We have put a special emphasis on three key aspects:

- REDUCING onboard energy needs while ensuring the highest level of comfort;

- For the remaining needs, PRODUCING and using renewable  or non-fossil energy;

- DESIGNING sustainable interiors of the ultimate quality and discreet elegance.